Replacing 22 year old 135 jib

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Replacing 22 year old 135 jib

Yes, its time to replace the old jib. What questions should I be asking my sail maker?
The measurements are:
Luff @ 45.7'
Foot@ 22'
Leach @ 43.7'
LP @ 21.5
Questions I have:

  • type of cloth and sail cloth weight
  • type of thread
  • foam or rope luff (is this needed?)
  • flow stripes
  • clam cleats where needed
  • sunbrella
  • what should a replacement sail cost?
  • am I better to have the local guy copy exactly what my original jib features are?
  • have the technology for a non racing sail really changed in the past 22 years?
  • what brands have you purchased?
  • I would really appreciate hearing from my Catalina 36 brothers and sisters that have gone through this experience and expense in recent years.
  • what should it cost?
  • If there are sail manufacturing reps on the forum, please send me a private message and we can discuss further.
  • Thanks.

peter g

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This was where I bought mine, they shipped it to Canada!
Dirk was fantastic, sail is perfect.
Dirk Sharland
National Sail Supply INC (Rolly Tasker Sails, Florida)
11054 Montcalm Rd
Spring Hill, FL 34608


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We replaced our original 135 in 2013.

-Doyle Sail in Salem/Beverly Ma made it (978-740-5950. They had the C-36 rigging plans but did have a few questions for us to answer. Chris Howes was our contact; 617-817-3863. Not sure if he's still there.
-We told them we were cruisers, not racers. They used 7.77  oz Dacron.
-406 Sq. Ft.;   Our measurements for the standard rig were: I=44.75  J=14.33  Li=44.75   Ji=14.33   P=39.00   E=13.00
-Sunbrella was used on the leach and foot.
-A luff rope, rather than foam was used to support furling. They had a strong prefernce on this.
-Seems were taped and then stitched. 
-Webbing loops were utilized at the head and tack for sail attachment.
-Large radial reinforcement patches were designed in at each of the three corners.
-The leach was reinforced to reduce stretch. There was also an adjustable tension line incorporated into the leech.
-The foot has three reef marks which aids in adjusting sheet blocks, as well as a red trim line at the clew. The sheet angle  should match the trim line. This definitely helps with trim
-Three telltales were sewn in. (They indicate trim quality nicely until you pass the reef points)
-Other than periodic cleaning and some UV shade restitching the Doyle Genoa has been great.
-Price-$3095 (incl tax). I would imagine this has increased significantly in light of our inflationary environment.

Doyle is a well known sail maker. High quality, but probably high pricing as well.


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I got both a main and jib from Roly Tasker a couple of years ago. The only issue I had was they put the sail number and draft stipe  on the jib . Dirk offered to have me send them back for correction but that's obviously easier said than done. Instead, he sent me new numbers and I installed them. However, that is not as easy at it seems to get them correctly lined up so they are not tilted when the main is furled out.

You do have to give them the exact dimensions of the sail; they don't come to your boat and measure as some other lofts might.

Other than that the sails are fine. Probably not as good as North but for the casual/cruising sailing we do and the difference in price I'd go with them again.

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Just replace my headsail at begining of season.    The luff of my current head sail is 42.5 and the foot is 20 ft 36 Catalina regular rig.    Call Martin at 800-323-9464, very reasonable and he had an inventory for Catalina Sails!

Ed Dewsnap
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