Mermaid Heat Pump Air Conditioner

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Mermaid Heat Pump Air Conditioner

Our 14 year old Mermaid Heat/Air unit is blowing cold. I know that it could be a few things, having talked to Dennis at Mermaid in Fort Myers, FL. (Reversing Valve, TXC, Weak pump, Clooged lines)

Not sure how much money to put into an older unit.

Are there any alternatives to a new Mermaid unit? Other makes?
Can't find too much online.

Appreciate the advice.

Thanks very much.



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Are there trouble shooting steps outlined in the manual?

The unit on our boat has some steps (running the thermostat up and down in some order I'd have to look up to remember) and also sometimes needs to be restarted a few times to get it to go into heat mode.

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