Just installed the new rub rail segment

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Just installed the new rub rail segment

Well, the new rub rail from Catalina Direct arrived later than I had hoped...shipping was also nearly 3 times what the orginal price on the website...anyway Slowdance was already in the water so working in the slip was a little more stressfull but I got the job done this afternoon just before a severe weather front roared through...driving rain and wind gusts 30+. Anyway the job is done. The challenge of course was the screw and through bolt holes. Naturally only 4 of the 18 screw holes lined up and I had to drill all the holes for the through bolts. After removing the damaged rub rail the side of the boat looked like a slice of swiss cheese. My guess is that there were certainly more than 36 holes in the 6 foot section of the hull. It was the same on Slowdance's (1421) sibling, Caribbean Soul (1425), which also is here at SSYC and also is getting rub rail replaced. I think the Catalina boat yard workers got paid by the number of holes they drilled......anyway all's well that ends well.