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Hull number meaning? 99 C36 MKII

HowDee folks,

new owners of our first sailboat :)  Very excited and ready for our new adventure!  I have tons of questions of course and this forum is awesome!

Can I ask if the HULL# has meaning similar to the breakdown of a VIN# of vehicles?  Also When folks say "I have Hull# ####" what four numbers are they providing?

Our HULL# CTYR18010999  

Thank you all!!

Chris & Christina
1999 C36 MKII  #1801
Sunny San Diego

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I believe this is correct for your Hull Identification Number.....


CTYR is the Manufacturer Identification Code for Catalina Yachts
1801 is the Hull number
09 means it was build in September
99 means it was built as a 1999 model year.

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