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Heat Exchanger Question

The ends of my heat exchanger were getting a bit   funky so I took it out. Seems clean after  taking off the end caps but thought I might as well get it "dipped" at a radiator shop. Got a quote of $175... is this reasonable? After the cap replacememt kit of about $60 for a total of $235, I can get an after market new exhanger for about $400.

My questions .... 

First, I can run a rod thru the tubes and it goes thru easily except for a couple of the tubes. When the rod catches, it doesn't feel like its hitting slug I coulld poke thru so I'm wondering if there is some part of the exchanger in there. Second, has anyone found anything to soak the exchanger in that would loosen up anything in it, such as muriatic acid ?


Chuck Parker
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Chuck Parker
HelenRita 2072 Mk II
2002 Tall Rig - Winged Keel
Atlantic Highlands, NJ

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Yes, $175 does seem high to me as I paid less than half of that to have mine dipped and pressure tested at a radiator shop here in Punta Gorda, FL.  Because the heat exchanger in my M-35 engine is bolted to the engine and vibrates along with the engine, I choose to replace the exchanger and start a new. Just cause I wanted start new. Kept the older unit as a spare.
I obtained a new one from Lenco, North Amityville, LI, NY Tel. 631-842-4049 for the amount of $369.00 delivered for the M-35. It was an exact fit. 
I re-mounted the exchanger to the engine using thick neoprine (sp) washers to limit some of the vibration but my ultimate plan is to mount it seperately, disconnected from the engine, thus eliminating most all of the vibration. 
On my new heat exchanger, I can run a rod through all of the tubes without blockage. I'd shop around and see if I could get a better price on cleaning & pressure testing the old one. Better to have it boiled out rather than play with high concentrations of acid as some jobs are better left to professionals. 
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A good friend of mine is having it done right now. $75 - so $175 seem a bit high


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