Freeboard of a Catalina 36 MkI

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Freeboard of a Catalina 36 MkI

Does anyone know the freeboard of a 36' MkI from the factory?

Bob Longo
Transcendent, 1993 Catalina 36 Mk. 1.5, hull 1237
Raleigh, NC

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This site has brochures for the various 36's. You should be able to estimate it by scaling the image on the last page for the 1.5 model.

Paul & Wendy Keyser
"First Light"
Rye NH
2005 C36 MKII #2257
Wing, M35B

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For what it's worth, using this method I get a freeboard measurement of 3.5 feet midship.

Don Lincoln
"Nancy Lynn"
1993 Catalina MK1.5, Hull 1238
LaSalle, MI (Lake Erie)
Universal M-35AC

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