Crazed Lexan Hatches

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Crazed Lexan Hatches

Has anyone replaced the lexan hatches with success?
My are getting a bit sparkly!




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Depending on exactly what you wish to do, talking to these folks will be a big help;

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I replaced the lenses in all of mine last year.  I had Hatchmasters replace the large trapezoidal one in the v-berth just because that one is a little more complicated with the way the seals are layered, but I did the others myself.  You can use some "Debond Marine Formula" or "Release" from Boat Life, spray it on the black silicone sealant holding the lens in, and after about 10 minutes you'll be able to pop the lens out with a screwdriver.  Clean the aluminum frame up with a razor blade and some acetone to get rid of any residue.  I bought a sheet of 2064 gray acrylic online, and used the old lenses as cut and drill templates.  If your handles are broken or faded you can get new ones from Hatchmasters, otherwise you can reuse them.  I used 3M VHB tape to reinstall the lenses into the frames, and then sealed around the lens with Dow 795, smoothing it with a finger.  They came out great.

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I've replaced all of mine including the trapezoid hatch. Not that big of a deal.

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