Apply VC 17 with cheap pump type garden sprayer ?

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Apply VC 17 with cheap pump type garden sprayer ?

February 2, 2021, Ugly January is behind us on the upper Mississippi.  February arrived gently, however Sunday night we will experience minus 18 F = minus 28 C (not including wind chill).  But before the super cold comes in, I’m visiting Pente tomorrow to clean out the zebra mussels that clogged up with speed impeller and the rudder post gap. Might even do some light sanding on the old VC17.  Definitely will sand the hull down in spring, wipe it down and re apply VC 17.  I have always applied VC17 with roller dispensed out of a clean ketchup plastic bottle with snap cap.  Has anyone sprayed on VC 17 with a pump type $10-$15 garden sprayer?  Picture shows the zebra mussels jamming up along rudder post gap.

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I sprayed it on with an electric sprayer once.  Upon haulout they power washed what was left of my effort off the boat. All my red was gone, only the prior blue coat remained.  

I talked to a guy whose theory was the VC dries very quickly in aerosol form and it was probably half dried out the second the paint hit the hull.  A garden sprayer probably won't cause as much evaporation, but I'm a roller now.  

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