As a result of replacing our original sails, which had the Dutchman Flaking System, I have either a partial system or individual components to offer.The remaining system consists of the C System Continuous Topping Lift and two control lines, Schaefer ball bearing bloch with cam, Harken ball bearing block, and two clamps.  Not included are the discs, tabs, and fairleads, which are available from Dutchman.  Asking $75.00 for the partial system; or, for the separate parts: Schaefer block - $50.00, Harken block - $10.00, and both clamps - $30.00  Will split shipping costs.

135% Genoa by Doyle for Catalina 36 Mk II. 10 years old, fresh water. Tall Rig. In good condition. Located in Michigan. $200 plus shipping.
Original propeller for 2000 Catalina 36 Mk II. $50 plus shipping.

Cold Machine with additional fan for duct to outside air.
Dependable runs great has never required service.
Extra Freon included.  See it running HERE.

20,000 BTU Marine AC/Heat

See it running HERE
This unit has given us several years of trouble free service.
It cools the boat fast and two heat strips warm it up without wear and tear on the compressor.
It's a tough well built unit with many good years left.

After a persistent overheating problem I had engine rebuilt by a marine mechanic, but still overheats-- likely blocked passages in the block due to prior use of block sealer added to coolant for head gasket repair.  Various new or rebuilt parts available as follows:
-head completely rebuilt- machined, new valves, springs, etc
-head gasket
-stainless steel exhaust riser and insulator jacket (catalina direct)
-original starter
-rebuilt Oberdorfer raw water pump (seals replaced)
-rebuilt alternator
-updated altenator bracket

Bought a new Propellar needed a larger pitch due to new engine installed. Put in a yanmar. Somebody contacted in when I placed the orginal ad. $100 p;us shipping. Includes pro prop gold anti fouling paint done professional. 

auto prop h5 variable pitch propeller, 3 blade, 15" dia, fits 1" tapered shaft, used less than one year in freshwater , new condition $1500

Delta 35 plow anchor, 19' bright SS chain, 200' X 3/4" anchor line, retail $500, yours@$325.  10' Fiberglas MOB pole $50, 30 Amp shore power chords, $0.70 / foot;  Hood Dacron jib, very clean, foot 22'6", height 43'6", diagonal 46".  (In a UK sail bag, but definitely Hood) $200
*UK gold stripe tape drive jib, (mylar??), foot 21'  height 443'5"diagonal 53'5". $200
- 18" Weber kettle char coal grill w/ stern rail bracket $35 
- 18" stainless kettle charcoal grill with stern extension pole $35

North Sails Genoa 100%, 
8 oz. 4800 Dacron
UV Leach and Foot (white) with Roller Furling Patches
New!  On the boat less than one week.  
Original sales price $1566.
 I = 46.750
J = 14.330
P = 41.000
E = 13.000
Offered at $750.00.   F.O.B. ;Wilmington, NC 

I've changed to an Oberdorfer and have this impeller kit left over.  From a 2003 M35B.  I'll mail it for $25 plus postage.  That's cheap Canadian dollars, too.