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Hatch Screen Storage

The port and small hatch screens can be stored out of harms way in many parts of the boat. Does anyone have good ideas on where to stow the larger hatch screens? I need to measure, but maybe modify one of the two fold out compartments (laundry bins?) beneath the V Berth? We actually use the aft berth for guests  and as a play area for grandchildren, so that's not a good option. I will also measure the vented cabinets on either side of the cabine salon seats.

Paul & Wendy Keyser
"First Light"
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Paul & Wendy Keyser
"First Light"
Newburyport MA/Rye NH
2005 C36 MKII #2257
Wing, M35B

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Not sure if the large screens fit here, but I store a bunch of screens in the little skinny flat space above the entertainment center.  


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We faced the similar "problem" for all the hatch screens. 
I bought a nice drawing-folder / bag which is used a lot by draftsman and artist for their portfolio or drawings, the size of this drawing-folder suits the biggest one (and the rest) and made of good material (no mickey-mouse). It's like a very thin suitcase. 
We keep this one normally stored in the aft-cabin, takes no space, screens are well protected when not in use and this works out well for us.

Durk Nijdam
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If the screens are relatively flat, you can slide them under the mattresses for the beds in the v-berth OR aft cabin. Alternatively, stand them up behind the cushion in the AFT cabin on the starboard side.


Kevin Lenard
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These hinges for the Lewmar hatch screens makes opening and closing hatches very easy.  No need to store the screens, leave in place.



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