Payment by Cheque

If you wish to join the Association as a Member and make payment by cheque, please follow these procedures:

  • First, you MUST have a user account for this website. If you don't, please register before proceeding.
  • Because of currency exchange rates we can only accept US cheques
  • Make your cheque payable to: Catalina 36 International Association.
  • Print out this page and complete the information requested.
  • Mail the printout and the cheque to:
    • Make sure my name, as well as the Association is on the envelope. 
      Mark R. Villano, CPA

      Villano & Associates, Inc.
      910 Skokie Boulevard Suite 115
      Northbrook, IL 60062-4013


Please write legibly!

Your name:

Your website user name:

Your e-mail address:

Your phone number:

Membership Term:

        ___ 1-yr Mainsheet (United States) $35           ___ 3-yr Mainsheet (United States) $95

        ___ 1-yr Mainsheet (Canada/Mexico) $40       ___ 3-yr Mainsheet (Canada/Mexico) $110

        ___ 1-yr Mainsheet (International) $45            ___ 3-yr Mainsheet (International) $125

        ___ 1-yr Standard (Global) $25                        ___ 3-yr Standard (Global) $65


PDF icon Membership Payment Form84.48 KB