2013 Photos


Wisconsin Newbie: She Didn't Land on US2 This Time

This time I rode shot gun (with a different trucker) from Michigan to Pepin, Wi and we arrived safe and without mishaps. Spent weekend learning about the small but important stuff (how does microwave work, didn't realize there was a solenoid switch on electrical panel needed to allow gas from bottle to the stove, how does the water pressure system work, where is the thru hull valve for engine water intake - in the MOST difficult place possible!!!). Engine started up beautifully and tomorrow crane arrives to hoist the mast.

Sitting Pretty in St. Pete

A great day here at Harborage Marina in St. Pete, FL on 2nd Unit

Nimue with new, longer boom

Here she is with long boom in place - but still the old 12.5' foot mainsail - winning the New Year's Day race in approx zero knots of wind. Finished ahead of a J/33!

Just found the new bigger main, not recut yet but its coming.