2012 Photos

Tiled Head

Tiled the midship bulkhead in the head and added a teak throne.


I was never too satisfied with the tiny doors under the sink so I just connected the two together and took out the bottom of the top one and turned it into a space for a small wastebasket.

Mk I is a haven for snapper

Moored at Ilot Laregnere in New Caledonia, South Pacific, these large fish made use of our hull as shelter... the island is a wildlife reserve - so there were no opportunities taken!

USS Californian on San Diego Bay

I have read that this is the Official Sailing Ship of the State of California. It sails every weekend in the Big Bay. It is quite a sight.

Shadefish at OpSail 2012

Shadefish hull 2008 sailing with the fleet at OpSail 2012 Norfolk Va.

Slowdance Launched

Slowdance launched today (5/1/12). Let summer begin!

Catalina 36 on The Daily Show

If you're interested in seeing the back story on this C36, you'll have to check the Feb 27, 2012 issue of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Comedy Central. I'm not going to touch the political part of the story...I just grabbed the screen shot. The C36 is a great boat, but maybe there's one horse too many aboard this photoshopped Mk I.