2006 Photos

High Flight in Bellingham Bay

High Flight in Bellingham Bay, Washington, with snow-capped Mt. Baker in the background.

Larry Brandt

High Flight at Inati Bay

High Flight anchored at Inati Bay, on Lummi Island, part of the San Juan archipelago of Washington state; note the stern tie to shore.

Larry Brandt

Mai Toi in Cape Cod Bay

Mai Toi Catalina 36 Hull #2284 in Cape Cod Bay, returning from Fleet 5 summer cruise.

Carleena in Nelson Harbour, New Zealand

Carleena, our Catalina 36 MkII (#1644), taken in light airs within Nelson Harbour (New Zealand!) a year or so ago.

We had 12 people on board so it was slow.

I will attempt to obtain some better photos of the Marlborough Sounds and Abel Tasman National Park with it's lovely golden sand beaches to tempt you!

Lindsay Duff

Maya off Newport Beach

Maya (#1611) ghosting along off Newport Beach, CA.

Bob Emmett

Solstice on Lake Texoma

Solstice (#1598) approaching the starting line during the Texoma Sailing Club Sundowner Racing Series on Lake Texoma.

Jack Montani

Regulus III on the St. Lawrence River

Regulus IIII in front of my house and close to my marina. A beautiful day of 06 June. We are on the St. Lawrence River, near Quebec City at Neuville.

Luc Dufour
Regulus III, #303