2014 Photos

Underway in Southern California

A photo snapped by a friend who saw us out on the waters around Del Mar, California.

Half Moon Bay August

We made a weekend out of it in Half Moon Bay, California. One more came the next day. The boat in the middle is a C42, they used to own a C36 and still come with us.

Weathered In

While cruising  this past August in Western Lake Erie, a few days of weather kept us a in port at Put-in-Bay, Ohio. We decided to make the best of it and opened the cockpit  lounge. 

Bruce Poorman
Bobcat # 954

True Friend anchored at Fry's Harbor

My son and I spent a night at Goleta Point then crossed to Santa Cruz Island for another night at Fry's Harbor. Knowledgeable skippers anchor bow-in at this spot since when the winds come from the Northwest they blow out of the canyon pretty hard. 

Photo shot from a Catalina 50 that also spent the night there.

It was a super-low tide; there were hundreds of abalone on the rocks around the cove. Maybe in my lifetime we will be able to harvest them again.

Pt. Reyes

Jubilee was very happy to flop over onto an easier port tack about half an hour later

Rounding Pt. Reyes

Rounding Pt. Reyes

Jubilee rounding Pt. Reyes in late September. 25 kts of wind, swell about 10'

Wisconsin Winter Haulout

 Alas, boat is on the hard for the winter.  Picture of the haulout dock, looking onto Mississippi River with Minnesota Bluffs to the west.

Why we sail...

Que Chévere (and its dingy, Cheverecita) at anchor in Seal Bay, Vinalhaven Island, ME

A little close for comfort

One of many whales seen from the deck of Que Chévere this summer -- this one, on Stellwagen Bank in Massachusetts Bay, got a tad close!