Magic III

First let me say naming Magic III was easy. It was named after Magic II; which was named after the original Magic. The progression was Sunfish, Rhodes 19, Pearson 26, Catalina 30 and my present Catalina 36 . The first two were nameless. Which boat did I love the most? Can not say; I was completely obsessed and loved every one. As a kid in grade school in the late 40’s I would draw pictures of sail boats during class (maybe that is why I am a lousy speller). Also I would draw detailed pictures of dog fighting fighter planes. I even drew a design for the atomic bomb. My theory was you had to split atoms. So I had two needles sticking each other head on. Take that you atoms. I guess I had ADD. After 15 minutes of boring teachers I would start drawing pictures. Hey what’s wrong with that? In college I went to sleep! Needless to say I graduated Magna Com Lousy. (Or was it Magna com Lager?) I read an essay by Thoreau many years ago. In it he described his amazement at sailing. Remember he lived in a one room shack on Walden Pond; not a really big sailing venue. In his first experience in sailing he was absolutely amazed that sail boats could sail up wind. He wrote, “Sailing is Magic”! I always remembered that. Most people when first introduced to sailing are amazed just as he was. Naming a Yacht is not to be taken lightly. Back then I was studying for national exams and during my breaks I would write down long lists of names. I have never been able to find that essay. I think it is buried in the middle of one of his other essays. If anyone should know the name of it and I will send you a gift certificate to West. Bill Miller Magic III, #1901 Westerly, Rhode Island, USA