I was in the Navy for 30 years. The last 10 of which I was a Captain. Over time, like it or not, I acquired the nickname "Captain Kirk" - even though I was not a Star Trek fan. Five years after retiring from the Navy we bought our secong boat. The PO had a name that was not appropriate for us, so we cast about looking for a name. Many ideas were discussed and cast aside. Finally a family member came up with "Enterprise, you know Captain Kirk and all that ..". I groaned, but the deed was done. However, as a compromise, we named her in honor of the World War II carrier that saw more action than any other and upon which I had an uncle serve as Supply Officer during the war. If you come aboard you will see a picture of the carrier and a "USS Enterprise CV-6" ball cap. Gallant ships should be immortalized in name. These days the only one who calls me "Captain" is the guy at the fuel dock. I appreciate the gesture more than he knows. - Kirk Evans