Our Catalina 36 MkII (#1928) had to be renamed, after three years of carrying the name of the company of which she had served the CEO. In the same rhythm of the name 'Catalina' we re-baptized her 'Atalanta': the butterfly (also known as the red admiral) dancing smoothly through the waves.

Beyond that, Atalanta was an ancient Greek goddess, who ran a match during which some gold coins were thrown on her track. She held her steps to pick them up and by doing that she lost the match. In the rat race of life I rather pick up some treasures that you otherwise would overlook. Our Atalanta serves this purpose well. I am very happy that my wife Marian loves this ship as well as I do, and that both our grown-up daughters behave as true skippers when they join us on the many in-shore or coastal waters of The Netherlands and beyond. There are not many Catalinas around here, so spare parts sometimes pose a problem. As there is no users group for advice and support I mostly rely on help from the many friends on the C36 sailnet who time and again prove to be more experienced than we are. We are truly grateful for that, and our enthousiasm for this ship has grown even more! - Jan Punt